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Founded in 1994, Stroud Technology Group is a diverse software development and consulting corporation.  We design, develop and support a number of Oil and Gas related management and production applications.  With easy-to-use screens for every level within your company structure, you are sure to find our solution results to be dependable, effective and company enhancing.

FieldVision® is our premier software solution.  It offers field data gathering capabilities, review and posting of data to accounting databases as well as innovative process reporting.

        Need reports for:  AFE, LOE, Cash Flow, Tax, Company and Lease Production,
                                       Well Testing and Meters?

        Would you like drill-down capability?

FieldVision® has it all.  It is a very valuable tool for your Oil and Gas Company.  It's all about getting the information delivered quickly and accurately so you can make those decisions that will add to your production and the efficiency of your company.

We strive to be your one stop shop for computer consulting and contract services. We are confident that we can contribute to the successfulness of your business and look forward to seeing you among our list of satisfied clients.